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Wooden Gift Boxes

Our presentation/gift style boxes are an ideal way to differentiate your products from competitors. Research shows that product packaging can affect buying decisions. People love stylish and useful packaging whether for their own use or as a gift.

At Starbox, we manufacture a number of custom product boxes including hamper style boxes, trays, sliding lid and open top boxes. All our wooden gift boxes can be personalised by branding or printing to suit each client’s specific needs.

Quality Presentation Boxes

As with all our products, the presentation boxes can be specified to your requirements. Our in-house team are able to help you with any branding or printing to make sure your product is individualised and personalised according to your preference. 

A Different Kind of Packaging

Instead of gift-wrapping or using paper bags, why not use our wooden gift boxes? These can store items of any size and weight, do not degrade easily and can be reusable for a lifetime. Moreover, you help save the environment by minimising the use of wrappers and paper bags.
Whether you need custom product boxes to celebrate special occasions or sliding lid boxes for giving small collectible items, we are here to create the gift box you need.

Contact our professional & friendly team today to discuss how we can help with the presentation of your products. We will discuss with you all available options or you can request for a customised order according to your budget and preferences.

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wooden presentation boxes
Hamper Style Box
hamper style box
Custom made sliding lid box
custom made sliding lid box
Small crate box for jars
crate box for jars
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