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Full Range Of Wooden Packaging

Starbox has been manufacturing wooden cases and crates in Auckland for all kinds of products for generations. We offer custom-made fully enclosed plywood or timber cases, hit and miss crates, and pallets to suit your specific requirements. 

All products we manufacture can be stamped for export in accordance with ISPM 15, so rest assured that our wooden products are treated against invasive species of insects and plant diseases.


Starbox carries a large range of wooden pallets in Auckland for clients of different industries. We can make any type of pallet you require. The traditional 2-way, 4-way, skip or wing pallets are just a phone call away. We will spec the pallet to ensure your load will be transported safely, as well as being as cost effective as possible.
timber pallet and cases


Starbox has been manufacturing quality wooden cases and crates in Auckland for all kinds of products for over 70 years. 

Our purpose is to provide packaging solutions that provide safe storage and transport your product. 

At Starbox, our skilled and well-experienced team are happy to help you decide on what type of packaging is required. Our team will happily discuss the pros and cons of a pallet versus a case or crate solution. Contact us and let us help you get started.
timber pallet and cases
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