Wine Boxes

The Perfect Custom Wine Box

Product presentation is very important, so why not choose an environmentally friendly timber box? The extra perceived value would far outweigh the cost. All our wooden wine boxes can be personalised by branding or printing.

Starbox offers a range of custom wine boxes for storing, presenting and transporting wine. We have a range of wooden boxes that can accommodate 1, 2, 3, 6 or 12 bottles of wine.
premium wine boxes

Cellar / Despatched Boxes

Starbox manufacture despatch boxes for either 6 or 12 bottles of wine. This traditional French method of packaging wine is an ideal way to add value to premium wines. Our timber cellar boxes are ideal for cellaring or transporting 12 bottles of wine at a time.
lidded wine boxes

Sliding Lid Wine Boxes

We have a range of sliding lid boxes that accommodate one, two, three or six bottles of wine. Choose from either a plywood or clear plastic lid. We have also developed a cost-effective way of colouring your boxes dark brown. This, combined with a clear lid, gives your boxes a premium look.
single double hinged lidded wooden boxes

Single/Double Hinged Lid

Starbox offer a stunning range of hinged lid boxes that have crafted mitered corners. These wooden wine boxes are finely sanded with a lid that closes securely with an elegant bronze latch. The hinged lid boxes are the perfect way to present your premium bottles of wine.
(Double Hinged Boxes currently out of stock as of 10/10/2017)

Single Flexi Box

The single flexi box is among the latest from our range of custom wine boxes. It is an elegant way to present a single bottle of wine. This finally sanded, cylindrical wrap style box makes for a unique promotional gift. A shipping outer can also be supplied.
single flexi box for wine
wine single flexi box
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